Status of ARC Presentation Available

At a recent industry conference in San Francisco, a panel presented the current state of ARC implementation and deployment. A version of that presentation is now available for review – you can download it here. As reported yesterday source code and a test suite are available now, AOL and GMail are validating ARC headers in messages they receive, and commercial products are starting to incorporate ARC – in fact, MailerQ from Copernica has already included ARC for a few months.

If you are looking for more technical detail on how the ARC protocol works, view this presentation from October 2016. Or read the current version of the protocol published by the IETF DMARC Working Group.

ARC Packages And Modules Available

Several packages and libraries implementing ARC are now available, and are linked from our new Resources page. Mailbox providers and maintainers of mailing list manager (MLM) software can use these components to start adding ARC functionality to their products and services today.

For those creating their own ARC modules and products, the new ARC test suite from ValiMail is an ideal validation tool – and completely free to use. The test suite has been used to validate the dkimpy package with an Python library and command line tools, and the OpenARC milter is currently being validated.

Or if you just want a turnkey solution, add ARC to your platform by using the fully supported MailerQ commercial MTA from Copernica.

Patches to add ARC functions to the Mailman MLM should be available soon, and ARC should be integrated into the Sympa MLM by mid-year.