This is a list of resources for those implementing or just interested in ARC. If you are aware of a package, product or service not listed here, please let us know about it through the Contact Us form.

Groups and Mailing Lists

There is also a mailing list for people writing code to implement ARC, who wish to participate in testing events. If you fall into this category, please use the Are You Implementing ARC? form and we’ll add you to that list.

Products and Code

Libraries for Development and Integration
Package Location License
ARC Test Suite FOSS (© ValiMail)
Python library (dkimpy) FOSS (BSD-like)
C library (OpenARC) FOSS (Sendmail Open Source License)
Modules, Products and Patches
Name Location License
dkimpy (CLI utilities) FOSS (BSD-like)
MailerQ by Copernica Commercial
OpenARC Milter FOSS (Sendmail Open Source License)